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DNS for Email Best Practices

SproutDNS helps you comply with email authentication and alignment best practices - including the requirements recently announced by Google and Yahoo - by providing set-and-forget dynamically templated DNS for customer-specific domains.

Fully authenticated
All your customers, even those without their own domain, can have fully aligned SPF and DKIM email authentication and DMARC.
Fully aligned
Authentication, image links and click-tracking links can all align with the customer domain or subdomain.
Isolated reputation
As every customer uses their own domain or subdomain, not shared with any other customer, their reputation and deliverability will not be impacted by the behaviour of other customers.
SproutDNS runs as a standalone docker image, running on your own hosting without any third-party infrastructure.

Templated DNS

Flexible DNS for Email Providers

If you need to have customer-specific DNS generated automatically for thousands of customers and want it to just work as you onboard new customers you may have wished for DNS that works like this: CNAME \

Or like this: TXT \
"v=DMARC1 p=none"

... for any value of selector or customer that's asked for.

SproutDNS can do all that by matching regular expressions in DNS queries and synthesizing answers using those values.

It's like DNS wildcards turned up to eleven.

Get started.

SproutDNS is in pre-release. See our documentation for more technical details and how to install a copy with a demo license.

If you're interested in using SproutDNS in production sign up for our waitlist. If you need it right now, contact us.